Mike’s Mellow Moment – 14 February 2016

5 years to the day since we stopped gathering on a Sunday afternoon, it’s Valentines Day! What a great opportunity to think of the love that surrounds us every day. To help us do it a chillout track and a free book if you’re quick…a Mellow Moment AND a Bargain of the Week together? That’s something to celebrate I reckon? My Valentines Day gift to you…

Sandy Abell is an author who has written a few paragraphs below which I thought were quite appropriate for today. Looking back we’ve all gone through a lot since those Sundays together and please God we’ve got an awful lot more in the years to come. Let’s hope we can share some of these memories-to-come right here where no one can take away our bond, friendship and love.

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Sandy writes: Yesterday I broke a crystal vase that was important to me. Someone I love gave it to me, and I was really upset with my clumsiness.

My husband, seeing my distress, was soothing and calm, and said,

“Let me see what I can do with this.”

While I continued to rant at myself, he quietly took the pieces away, worked his magic and made it like new again.

When he brought it back to me his face was filled with sweetness, and it occurred to me that this repaired vase was a gift of love.

I began thinking about all the ways he shows me he loves me. Words are nice, but his actions speak volumes, and I’m so very blessed to have him in my life.

I then thought of a woman I know who complains that her husband and children don’t love her. She says they never say it, and she feels that nobody cares. However, when I look at her family I realise that there is a lot of love being given. She just doesn’t recognize it so doesn’t know how to receive it.

When her husband goes to work at a job he doesn’t like, so that she can do what she wants, which is stay home and raise the children, that’s a gift of love. When her adolescent son offers to pick up something at the store so she won’t have to pack up the smaller kids to go out, that is his way of telling her he loves her.

Love is all around us, but we’re often like my friend who expects it to come in a specific form. When it doesn’t, we miss it and feel unloved.

So in this month of Valentines and love, I’m reflecting on being aware of ALL the ways people show me love, and being happy and grateful to receive it in whatever form it’s given.

How about you?

Sandy Abell

Sandy is the author of Feeling Good About You. For the next 4 days she is giving away the book in kindle version on Amazon.

You can get your free copy right away:


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  1. Thank you for a lovely MMM. Still miss you on a Sunday afternoon. Many thanks for doing your MMM each week. 🙂

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