Mike’s Mellow Moment – 31 January 2016

When you walk through the streets of London – or indeed any town – late at night you see so many people sleeping rough. For whatever reason they have ended up in a shop doorway, underneath railway arches or huddling for warmth in the door of a church. People do what they can – a kind word for our fellow humans down on their luck, a few coins, even a sandwich or drink. By doing so we remember we’re all connected and by helping each other we make this world a touch better.

This coming week – as we head into a brand new month – we can remind ourselves that despite the depths of the deep winter darkness, light IS on the horizon. Out of adversity can come triumph, out of illness can emerge good health and from the very depths of despair can come hope.

Our Mellow Moment together shows a beautiful example of this. The sunset suggests a dark ending to a sparkling day. But just look what happens. Let the music flow over you and as it does, feel that spark of promise emerging in the gloom. It’s definitely there. And it’s slowly, but surely, getting bigger and brighter…..

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