Mike’s Mellow Moment – 23 January 2016

And so we gallop into the last week of January with our gaze firmly fixed on the horizon where Spring beckons full of blossom, sunshine and new life. As we do we still relish in the season that is Winter with all of its treasures – crisp, bright yet cool days; starry, misty nights and the inevitable wet and windy atlantic pressure systems that make Blighty such a changeable yet atmospheric island.

As we hold hands and chill-out together as ever here’s a reminder of what Winter can dish up. Quite appropriate with the major snowstorm system in the States at the moment. Combined with a perfectly laid back session from the maestros who brought us the sublime “Summer Madness” here’s just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy every moment……

(‘Winter Road” is our weather picture this week from our friends at Freepik – thanks guys!)

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2 thoughts on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 23 January 2016

  1. Very relaxing music. Some of the accompanying winter pictures were absolutely beautiful. Thank you Mike.

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