Mike’s Mellow Moment – 17 January 2016

Well it’s certainly been a week or two of goodbyes. Not only have we lost actor Alan Rickman (69) DJ Ed “Stewpot” Stewart (74), Singer Lemmy (70) and even the actor – Dan Haggerty (74) – who played Grizzly Adams but of course the legend that is David Bowie (69).

When people leave these planet we feel such a sense of loss even if we have a belief that there’s something “on the other side”. Bereavement of course happens to us all throughout our lives. We say farewell to those who have cared for us, nurtured us and just been great companions in this roller coaster ride we call life.

As the ones who are left behind it’s up to us to make sure the ones that go before us aren’t forgotten. We can do this by remembering them every day and whispering a word of thanks for all the joy and meaning that they brought to our lives. And the best ever epitaph? To make sure that the planet becomes an even better place through the lives we live. By doing so we honour their memory; collectively moving towards our own inevitable departure hopefully leaving this beautiful jewel in the inky darkness of space spinning just that bit brighter…

‘A little piece of you
The little peace in me
Will die [This is not a miracle]’ David Bowie

(Freepik provided us with our fabulous picture of “boy and the bench” – thanks guys!)

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