Mike’s Mellow Moment – 03 January 2016

Welcome to a brand new year of your life. Full of possibilities, dreams, adventures, challenges and triumphs. True, it’s just a moment in the vast immensity of time and space, but it’s YOUR time to create whatever it is that’s in your heart. Follow that yearning to make a difference this coming year and by focussing on the here and now and being grateful – not dwelling in the past or looking to the future – you will be guided by synchronicities and “chance” meetings that will lead you to change things for the better on this beautiful planet of light spinning in the inky darkness of the universe. We’re not here for long…let’s do our bit.

The first Mellow Moment of 2016 is an absolutely stunning composition by a hugely talented musician. Max Richter has composed an 8-hour masterpiece called “Sleep”. I first heard extracts on New Year’s Day while on 6Music and was blown away. The video reminds us of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and how you can get lost in the usual mayhem. The tune is just a tiny piece of a beautiful creation. After a hectic Christmas and New Year this is just what the (alternative) doctor ordered! I hope this sets you up for a magnificent year ahead x

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