Mike’s Mellow Moment – 06 December 2015

Now we’re into December and meteorologically the season of Winter, it’s time to feed the birds as they start to struggle for their food. I’ve just put out a whole Christmas nut selection from last year and 12 magpies wolfed the lot in 4 minutes flat! So I replenished the table with all manner of things and this time the robin, blackbird and pigeon got a look in until the demonic gaggle of magpies descended yet again and polished off the remains….

As the Winter Solstice is just over a fortnight away, Spring won’t be far behind so to help get us in the mood – and take our minds off all this dreary, cold, damp weather – here’s a chill out session which reached the top of the “hit parade” in the late Seventies. With beautiful birdsong and a laid back track this will help us drift off to sunnier, warmer times…and set us up for the week ahead. Enjoy…..

(Gratitude goes to freepik.com who designed the pic of a boy flying off thanks to a flock of birds)

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