Mike’s Mellow Moment – 22 November 2015

A gloriously sunny if gusty start to Saturday has set us up for an Autumnal weekend, just right for snuggling up to the fire or under the duvet. It’s also ideal for escaping to the cinema and losing ourselves for a couple of hours. I did just that this week to see “Brooklyn” the tale of an Irish girl who left everything behind as she emigrated to America. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zones to explore possibilities, face challenges and expand our lives. When she returned to Ireland she realised that she had been trapped for too long in a restricting environment full of bigotry and hate….

So despite us enjoying a weekend of cosiness against the elements, it sets us up – alongside our Mellow Moment as ever – to face whatever comes our way this coming week. It’s only by confronting fear – and doing it anyway – that we grow. Breaking out of our comfort zones opens up new doors, new avenues and amazing possibilities. As Friedrich Nietzsche said….That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Our chill out (as snow falls for the first time this Autumn/Winter in the South!) this weekend just reiterates how loved you really are. Knowing that you can really achieve whatever you set out to do. Have a great week being you…only better!

(thanks to Freepik.com for the picture “See the World”)

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