Mike’s Mellow Moment – 15 November 2015

This week’s chill out session reminds us that no matter what happens, we are always protected. As the lyrics of this blissful track from the film, “Layer Cake” advises us –

“Don’t think about all those things you fear, just be glad to be here”.

When atrocities like Paris occur we have to ask ourselves what has really happened and why. Is everything as it really seems? The message through this beautiful song is, don’t let fear get a grip of you. The forces behind this attack – whoever they are and it might not be who you think – want the public to be in a state of anger, fear and trepidation. They want people to retaliate, barricade against others and react disproportionately. All emotions which zap us of our natural exuberance, love of life and fellow humans.

So as we set ourselves up for the coming week it’s time to focus on the positive and give thanks – for the fresh air we breathe, the food we eat, the love we encounter everywhere. When we look at and appreciate the amazing natural abundance around us – the birds in the air, the trees with their glorious autumnal colours and yes, even the refreshing rain; we shift the whole direction of our lives and that of the planet. Together we can make a difference. It’s not how they want us to react but there is nothing to fear. Just be glad to be here. x

(Thanks to freepik.com for the fab photo)

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