Mike’s Mellow Moment – 01 November 2015

The month before Christmas?! How did that happen? Is it really almost a year since my aunty fell backwards over the garden wall into the hedge while trying to see the International Space Station – or Father Christmas as the young neighbours were told – on Christmas Eve?

Welcome to Brenda and to Jackie who returned this week to the Mike Powell Listeners Group on faceache too. It’s time to huddle up in this misty, autumnal start to November and hold hands as always as we chill out together. I’ve been working lots of 12 hour shifts you know where this week and there are a couple of night shifts coming up so I’m going to enjoy this Mellow Moment together!

An amazing video full of superb artistry and a great musical landscape adds up to another great space for us all to enjoy. Whatever the week ahead has in store, we can face it thanks to this time every week. Enjoy x

(Thanks to freepik.com for the photo)

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