Mike’s Mellow Moment – 25 Oct 2015

The end of British Summer Time.

Well it had to happen, as it does every year; but do we have to put our clocks back quite so soon? Surely we were only just celebrating Easter – or have we all done a Marty McFly and got in our time machines?
This week I had a 4.5 hour journey to Birmingham and back, numerous trips to/from London and my boiler blew up. I saw the super “Suffragette” film, got free coffee and cake and found the best bargain ever – Champneys body butter in Boots reduced from £10 to £5 and when I got to the till….£2.50! So I then had a mission, to visit every Boots stores in the area hoovering up the bargain of the month. I only got 3, but I’m well pleased. Hope your week went well!

With the clocks going back and the nights drawing in it brought back memories for me of the power cuts/blackouts of the Seventies. The 3-day week, rubbish piling up in the streets and all manner of malarkey. But that decade had some great things going for it. Take for example the brilliant tv programmes such as Tales of the Unexpected, Pogles Wood and the almost forgotten but fabulous Owen MD. Like one of the reviewers on youtube, I still have the Penny Farthing 7″ single from 1971 when Nigel Stock appeared as the wily detective – he also played Doctor Watson to Peter Cushing’s “Sherlock Holmes” in 1968.

So in a different kind of Mellow Moments this weekend, here’s a trip Back to the Future with the theme to Owen MD called “Sleepy Shores”; a reminder of all we’ve gone through to get to this point. And an opportunity to take all that we’ve learnt and experienced into the darkness of the coming Winter; knowing that there’s always light guiding us on our way if only we become a bit like the detective Owen MD and take a moment to look for it….

(Photo by Freepik)

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