Mike’s Mellow Moment – 27 September 2015

Last weekend of September and as we crossed the Autumnal Equinox this week the nights start getting longer than the days. Still, what we lose in bright, sunny days we gain with starlit, cool nights full of celestial magnificence! This week Venus has been stunning just before sunrise in the east and now we brace ourselves for the “Blood Moon”‘s lunar eclipse as described by Neil​ elsewhere. A great time for looking upwards…

Talking of which, this week’s Mellow Moment is a beautifully blissed out track accompanied by a stunning video which tracks a day in the Norwegian Fjords. A real treat for weary eyes and ears. And perfect to set us up for the coming week full of celestial delights by night and glorious visions by day. If only we keep our ears and eyes open….

(Picture Designed by Freepik)

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