Mike’s Mellow Moment – 20 September 2015

What a stunning weekend full of blue skies, late yet warm Autumnal sunshine and light winds. Plus of course the cool yet starry, misty nights. What’s not to like?

Talking of nights, thanks to you if you kept me company on Radio 5 Live this week “Up All Night”. It was great to be back with the team in Sunny Salford, although last time it was a decade ago in TV Centre – scary!

I managed to kip for a couple of hours in a day room and after 3 days/nights headed back to London feeling pretty jet lagged – which was quite appropriate – for an investigation into an emerging concern, “Aerotoxic Syndrome”. You may have seen initial reports that claim that organophosphates (chemicals) are making their way into aircraft through the engines as the airlines use them to pull in outside air. Some crew – both flight deck and cabin – are beginning to be diagnosed with the disease and it’s even alleged that some have died. Obviously this will have repercussions for passengers too and some are suggesting it could be the new “silent killer” like asbestos, tobacco, sun beds, etc. I underwent a lot of medical tests so will get the results in a few weeks. This could be a big story so of course I’ll keep you updated as it could have an impact on all of us. More staycations on the cards?!

In the meantime let’s put all of our worries on the back burner as ever at this time of the weekend and build up our energies and stamina for the week ahead. This is a divine chill out track, just right for calming the mind, blowing away the cobwebs and helping you r-e-l-a-x….have a great week and thanks for being part of something special! x

(the picture is of the sun setting over Rugby on my way to Manchester 14/09/15)

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