Together we can change the world

Real Power to the People….proof that together we can change the world for the better. A fantastic series of campaigns this year really made a difference. Here’s to another year of fighting injustice, righting songs and making sure the underdog gets his or her campaign heard and won….

Phill Wills decided to act when his 13-year-old son Josh was kept in a special autism treatment centre 260 miles from the family for over a year. Thousands backed his petition with a simple ask to “Bring Josh Home”. In the New Year Josh will be coming home!

The world was shocked when Iman Ghavami’s sister, Ghoncheh, was arrested in Iran for attending a men’s volleyball match. Iman took his petition to the United Nations in New York calling for her release. Ghoncheh is now out of jail on bail and Iman is continuing his fight to get her home.

Gill Thompson said she doesn’t ever want another family to go through the pain she has after her brother died after having had his benefits cut. Her courage in speaking out means MPs are now launching an investigation into the impact of benefit sanctions.

Lee Lawrence was just 11 years old when police shot his mother, Cherry Groce. His battle for justice came to an end this year when over 130,000 people signed his petition and the Met Police issued a full apology to the family.

Fahma Mohamed’s passion to end female genital mutilation has attracted the attention of world leaders including UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon. In February she convinced Education Secretary Michael Gove to write to all schools about FGM.

When Jo Fuzzard’s Aunt Alice was refused funding for a potentially life-saving cancer treatment Jo started a petition. She spread the story in local media and now a charity has agreed to fund the treatment. Jo says: “Without this petition, Alice didn’t have a chance. We have given her a chance.”

When US investor, Westbrook Partners, bought the New Era Estate in East London it threatened to evict 93 families. But Lindsey Garrett, Lindsay Spitari and Danielle Molinari made headlines when they stood up to the property giant. The families got the best Christmas present when Westbrook agreed to sell the estate to a housing association that will keep the rents affordable.

Is there a cause you care passionately about? Make 2015 the year you make a difference….

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5 thoughts on “Together we can change the world

  1. Thank you so much for including the link to the site. I didn’t know this even existed. My friend and I were talking about the peaceful solidarity displayed by over a million French people today after the recent terrible murders by terrorists and how we tend to not show such solidarity in such huge numbers. My friend joked about me starting a revolution and she’d back it ! (as I mentioned how we were so accepting of the raising of the pension age and my fears were that every few years the government would raise it again as there had been so little backlash) I replied that the French are good at Revolutions ! but on a more serious note, I will tell my friend about this site as it is about similar people power. Who knows, maybe we will need to use it one day.

  2. So pleased you found this of use Rebecca! It’s about time we all stood up for our rights. How on earth can public sector workers like nurses and care workers be limited to paltry pay rises when MP’s simply agree that they’re worth a massive hike in salary? And that’s just one subject!

    Another great website is this one which allows you to start up your own petition and get involved…

    Keep us updated about your plans and projects. Maybe 2015 will be the year when we see the general awakening and start of that revolution you mentioned?

  3. Thank you for this other link too Mike. How could I not know about these things ? When my nature is to not be accepting of injustices, to question things and, to try to get rules changed where necessary. Post on gang case in point.

  4. Hey Mike. Thank you for the mention. Josh’s care package is ready, his new ‘team Josh’ are ready. Josh’s return was delayed, but he will be back home in Cornwall,UK by the Summer. He can then visit his favourite place, the beach. Support from so many people have kept us going, as well as our love for Josh of course! Thanks again, and follow on @JoshWillsWorld or FB “The one and only Joshua Wills”
    All the best.
    Phill Wills

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