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Over the years on my radio programme “Mike’s Mysteries”, we’ve delved into the world of UFO’s, aliens, poltergeists, shamans, palmistry, dream analysis, crystals, angels and many, many more “alternative” subjects. I was warned on many occasions not to carry on covering such “wacky” subjects as the majority of people didn’t want to hear about such things. I beg to differ. More than ever people are waking up to what’s going on around them. There are theories about all manner of things and of course the whole hornets nest that is alternative medicine and therapies.

I hope to cover on here many of the subjects that so many people enjoyed when we covered them. I received so many letters, calls and emails from people who wanted to know more.

Now the arena for discussion is back. And so are the experts in the field. I hope that many of our past guests and many future, new faces will appear here with different ways of looking at the planet and opportunities for you too to explore and chat about what’s really going on!

We’ll also hear more from our Gruesome Graphologist, who’s an expert in deciphering your handwriting plus our Genial Genealogist will help you on your journey through your fascinating ancestry.

All to come asap…..


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13 thoughts on “Mike’s Mysteries

  1. Also looking forward to this one, as well as the gruesome graphologist, we could do with the dreamy voiced Ian Wallace too.

  2. Ooooh how interesting Mike, we were overlooking Ben Nevis a few years ago, but did not venture up.

  3. Can’t wait Mike. Was always interested and loved the topics you spoke about.

  4. I’m looking forward to these topics too. Especially if the Genealogist can point me in the right direction re my late Father’s family history. I have all my Mother’s side right back to the Doomsday book and family tree’s done in gothic writing on parchment which my late Uncle did and I treasure them.

        1. Hi Barbie – just go to the front page or “Home” and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the option to click to the next page. As posts get added then more pages will be created!
          Thanks for visiting and your valuable contributions oh wise one 🙂

  5. Here is a Mike Mysteries for you. I have been taking lots of pictures of the full moon recently, when I look at them on the camera and the computer there is an orb near the moon, some are bigger then others and they are on all the photos I took of the moon. So why do I keep finding Orbs in my pictures?

    1. Can you post a selection of photos, Dawn? Without seeing them, my initial suspicion is that it’s the Moon’s bright image being reflected in the multiple lens elements. Pete Lawrence is much more of an expert on the night sky photography side of things.
      Alternatively, it could be spacecraft piloted by Moon creatures, but because their spacecraft only reflect wavelengths that the human eye can’t see but cameras are sensitive to, we only see them in photos. [Oh no! What have I started?]

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