Confessions of an Exorcist

In the 21st century many people don’t give exorcism a second thought. Sure, there was a movie – The Exorcist – almost 50 years ago which made people faint in the aisles at the diabolic scenes of possession, but that sort of thing doesn’t go on nowadays does it?

Well … actually….it might be a surprise to hear that exorcisms are on the rise worldwide. Pope Francis frequently mentions them and the devil – and recently over 200 priests were summoned to the Vatican to learn the latest techniques in a ritual that pans several centuries.

The Catholic Church blames the need on a renewed interest in the occult – new age practices, clairvoyants, mediums and tarot card readers, all who promise an insight into people’s future and purpose. We’re promised new knowledge – just like Adam & Eve were promised in the garden of Eden – but it’s alleged there’s a price to pay.

Exorcists appointed by a diocesan bishop are secretive creatures. They rarely reveal their identity. But I’ve managed to gain access to one of the Roman Catholic church’s exorcists who’s worried that too many people are opening themselves up to ‘God knows what’ and he wants to put the record straight as to what really goes on behind closed doors.

Myself a former student priest I was able to arrange a clandestine meeting in a secret location….BBC Radio 4 gave you 7 minutes of this interview. As it’s you, here’s the unedited 21 minute version!

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  1. Thank you for this extremely interesting and very enlightening
    interview…. Excellent!

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