9 thoughts on “Offgridders – how would you like to quit the Rat Race?

  1. Thanks Mike, that was interesting, it sure makes you think. They look so content and happy.

    1. Thanks Elaine yes they do. They had a vibrancy and energy that was intoxicating. With a name like Rainbow you won’t be surprised to hear they had a crystal in their window which – thanks to the sunlight – cascaded colourful rainbows all over their home

  2. I agree, they looked really content. Interesting film clip Mike. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I wish them luck. I sometimes feel like escaping but wouldn’t want to permanently. I think their surname is fantastic right up there with Mr and Mrs Snowball and Mr and Mrs Snowman. Nice that they have little Rainbow’s.

    1. I enjoyed watching this Mike, I lived in Dorset for 8 years,,,,,,,in an isolated hamlet when first wed in 1947.no drainage no constant water , we got all of ours from the well, we grew a lot of veg but not self sufficient . No animals with exception of two dogs but the cows grazed in the field behind us . It was so peacefull.
      A very dear friend , left a good job , and up and went to France, Started from scratch …..they grow everything , have acumulated sheep pigs hens horse cow and several dogs she is a very good cook , and makes scones and cakes which the French don’t bake and swaps with the French , they think scones are wonderful.her partner is a builder and he has renovated the house lots of work still going on, I get pics of any new development,and they are very very happy, with The Good Life,………I could not do this now, but maybe could have in my younger days.but then didn’t have the resources then.thanks for sharing.

    2. Same here Rebecca – afraid I’d miss my creature comforts, but can you imagine the stunning starry skies you’d be able to see with no light pollution; the peace and the nutritious food?!

  4. Your life in Dorset sounds blissful Barbie and thanks for sharing the story about your friends; so pleased they feel they’ve done the right thing! We seem to have lost so many skills don’t we….

    1. You are right Mike, a lot of basic skills , and the teaching of them is sadly nonexistent in schools these days , such as sewing and knitting , laundry and cooking… boys gardening carpentry and metal work…….I first learned to knit with wooden needles ,and string, it was for a dishcloth for my mum, and two pieces of material hand sewn together , making about an eight inch square , this was a kettle holder.of course I was very little then , but we gradually progressed through the years. It will be interesting if anyone can come up with certain practical skills. B

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