Mike’s Mellow Moment – 12 August 2018

For a decade now the Mike Powell Listeners Group on Facebook have met for our Mellow Moment together and as we know, weekly chillouts proceeded that group on my weekly Sunday show on BBC Solent, Surrey and Sussex for a decade so all in all we’ve been chilling together for nearly 20 years.

Recently the number of people engaging with our meet up has been diminishing and that’s fine; people follow their own paths and move on. Likewise I’m now pursuing a different path and soon I’m planning to travel to India for a couple of months to stay on an Ayurvedic Ashram so a weekly chillout wouldn’t be possible!

As you know, I’ve also got various hats on at Radio 2, 6 Music, Classic, LBC, Smooth and World Service. Now a meditation company want me to start recording for them and I’ve got further in depth investigations to do for the BBC, so it all means that the time and energy put into MMM doesn’t equate to the loyal few that are left to join in.

So from now on I’ll post a MMM once a month instead of every week, the next one planned for September.

In the meantime this week’s video/meditation reflects on all of our journeys, featuring some of my favourite speakers including the great, late, Alan Watts. I dedicate it to another member of our gang who’s moved onto the next stage of their eternal journey – Sue Haskell was a healer, inspirer and motivator to so many and she leaves us at a ridiculously early age after a blood clot to the brain.

Like Sue and so many members of our group, we never know when we’re going to move on so while we’re still here let’s make the most of every day and make the difference that the world so desperately needs….

Have a good month and thanks for the last 20 years of weekly therapy together. How far we’ve travelled. x

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2 thoughts on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 12 August 2018

  1. Many Thanks Mike for the time you have given weekly to
    create MMM. Very much appreciated.
    I do so enjoy the interesting topics, meaningful words and thoughts,
    plus the impressive choice of Video tracks.
    I’ll look forward to hearing MMM on a monthly basis, however,
    in the meantime – I’ll keep returning and listen too my favourite MMM’s from the past.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes for future success in everything you do.

  2. Thank you Mike. Also thank you for taking the time to do all the Mellow Moments each week. Especially taking the time to do a special one for Sam, when he went to Rainbow bridge. Will look forward to listening next month.
    At least I can listen to many others on your website each Sunday. Thank you Mike. X

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