Mike’s Mellow Moment – 22 July 2018

Hope you’re enjoying the heat and if not hope you got some of that refreshing rain on Friday night?

I was visiting Newcastle for a couple of days when it started to rain – and it followed me back south! When I was standing in a downpour waiting for the bus from the airport, I got chatting to someone (I often find the best kind of conversations are with random strangers) and he started raving about a certain presenter that he thought was ‘vastly under-rated” – Paul Miller! It taught me:

A/ what a small world this is and

B/ how I must tell Paul that people appreciate his broadcasting far and wide.

In the coming week maybe we can all look for that moment to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Who knows where it will lead and what opportunities it will provide to spread a little happiness….

Here’s an upbeat chillout and a pic from above the clouds away from the rain that followed me southwards….

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