Mike’s Mellow Moment – 15 July 2018

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After a long hot heatwave rains have emerged to lick the bottom of a few water butts; but our gardens and fields still need plenty of the wet stuff after such a parched period. Maybe we should get a Minister of Rain installed like they did in the drought of 1976. As ex hurricane Chris to the northwest of the UK feeds hot air our way; focing thermometers towards 31 on Sunday for Wimbledon – it could be the hottest Mens’ finals in over twenty years. Then there’s the tiny matter of the World Cup final between France and Croatia. We was robbed of course….

Whatever the weather and whatever happens in your world in the coming week; here’s a track that you can keep coming back to – enabling you to quench whatever needs to be refreshed; to restore whatever’s wilted and to inspire to bring about the change that our world is crying out for…..

Background image created by Topntp26 – Freepik.com

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6 thoughts on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 15 July 2018

  1. I remember that wherever Denis Howell MP went, making speeches encouraging people not to waste water, within a day or two there would be heavy rain, often accompanied by thunderstorms. Appointing him as Minister for the Drought was definitely one of the best and possibly one of the greatest achievements of that Labour government.

  2. The enchanting colourful Video and Music radiates
    an aura of holiness and specialness.
    Thank You Mike.

  3. I love MMM and really look forward to it. However I would be more than happy to savour it each month. With such a busy schedule you have done really well to keep this up. I feel sure that all of us are thrilled that you are well enough to travel and to take time to give you the boost that you give us. Like Dom Busby you have to work very hard taking work where you can find it. We do understand but appreciate you letting us know your plans. Xx

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