Mike’s Mellow Moment – 03 June 2018

Click on the link to hear this week’s Mellow Moment….

This week’s chillout is dedicated to those who’ve gone on to the next part of their eternal adventure. In the last few days Sam, Dawn from Eastleigh’s faithful companion for 12 years, passed across the Rainbow Bridge. He joins the other animals now celebrating their new found freedom on the other side. This music helps us join them for a fleeting moment…..

And if you’d rather hear the track in full and with accompanying pictures, watch here….

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6 thoughts on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 03 June 2018

  1. That’s lovely Mike, never seen or heard that track , just hope Sam is now playing Ball with my Henry who went over the Rainbow Bridge last year and all the much loved pets from the group that gone before.

  2. Thank you Mike. Lovely words and music.
    Special Best Wishes to Dawn.

  3. Beatiful words Mike, thinking of you and your family Dawn, Sam was a loyal and faithful friend.

  4. That was really Lovely Mike. Thinking of Dawn and her family at this time.

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