Mike’s Mellow Moment – 20 May 2018

Tick followed tock followed tick.

You may remember the Classic Guinness ad that reminds us that time marches on and if we’re not careful we get so wrapped up in the tick tock of life that we fail to see it pass by. Every so often something happens to shake you up a bit and see the hands of the clock moving forward….

This week I fell down 6 concrete steps at a church in London; twisting my ankle when I missed the top step and ending up face down in the gutter. I ended up in A&E and am still hobbling! When the lovely Alina Jenkins saw me the next day she recalled that she had recently had a similar incident. Her car had hit a pothole and burst all her tyres. Then when she was getting out of the recovery truck she lost her balance, forget about the gap to the floor and collapsed in a heap in the road.

We all experience those kind of situations which can be tricky to handle due to the pain, shock and embarrassment. But if we’re to believe that nothing happens by chance, we can only listen to our bodies, stop and be still. Sometimes we move too fast and we get reminded to slow down a bit. That way we can hear the tock following tick following tock before the alarm sounds… Good things come to those who wait!

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One thought on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 20 May 2018

  1. Thank You Mike.
    Very good M.M.M. especially the last paragraph.
    Wishing you a safe and quick recovery.

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