Mike’s Mellow Moment – 29 April 2018

In the wake of a mini ‘heatwave’ that had the blossom emerging and birds singing like no tomorrow, the weather has turned so cold they’re forecasting snow in some parts of the country! What on Earth is going on? It’s May this week!

Yesterday I picked up a heavy stone Buddha where my brother’s ashes have been interred so we can remember him in his favourite garden. The only problem is it took 2 undertakers to lift it into the car and now it’s stuck there until I can get a wheelbarrow! I bet he’s laughing at yet another ridiculous scenario.

Here’s a cracking chill out I discovered this week. Although as I said a fortnight ago I don’t think there’s any co-incidence at all. Perhaps I should say instead that this is the Mellow Moment we’ve been chosen this week by the guiding force, so let’s enjoy it! Have a good week x

Christmas image created by Kjpargeter – Freepik.com

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2 thoughts on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 29 April 2018

  1. What a lovely tribute for your special brother.
    The splendid memorial having pride of place
    in his favourite garden. Thanks is so lovely.

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