Mike’s Mellow Moment – 15 March 2018

This week I travelled to Suffolk to say farewell to a wonderful lady of 99 years and six months. Her sister – a sprightly 102 years young – attended and recalled great memories of her beloved sibling in a bygone age.

It’s certainly been a few months of endings, with many people experiencing big changes in their worlds. Let’s hope, as politicians and so called ‘leaders’ act with alarming cruelness and recklessness that somehow sanity will prevail. For we owe it to the likes of Nellie who gave so much so we could have a greater life. Let’s not throw it away through inhumanity and selfishness. All this talk of division leads to fear, alienation and hatred. Let’s not let it happen. We are all connected, not divided. So let’s spread peace, happiness and oneness in all we do with everyone we meet this coming week. Every small gesture spreads love like ripples on a vast ocean……

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2 thoughts on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 15 March 2018

  1. Such meaningful words and serene music.
    Let’s hope and pray for a peaceful and fairer World.
    Thanks for the time that you give to produce M.Moments

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