Mike’s Mellow Moment – 08 April 2018

It’s remarkable to think that we’ve been meeting at the weekends to hold hands and chill for nearly 20 years.
It doesn’t seem possible does it? Throughout the programme and the time since we’ve seen people come and go; we’ve shared our thoughts and wisdom, while supporting each other follow their dreams.

This week I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve had for the 2nd part of my investigations for BBC World Service. Thank you for listening and spreading the word! They’re subjects that we used to discuss on Sundays and it’s been an uphill struggle to get such items commissioned. At last – because of a courageous editor – people worldwide can hear stories that they might not have come across otherwise. From the savannah of Africa to the mountains of New Zealand and the snowy wastes of Antartica, a new message has been heard. I’ve had a couple of negative comments from 2 farmers but with an audience of many millions that’s a drop in the ocean if it’s done some good.

The moral of the story is to follow your inner voice. Listen to that inner guidance to accomplish the goals that you were put on this planet for. For a long time I’ve had a burning desire to produce such documentaries. As we’ve said before, synchronicity plays a huge part in this. If the road gets blocked too many times, heed the message. When things start to flow well, you know you’re on the right path. It can take awhile to get there, with frustrations along the way…but trust, hope and believe. Your faith will be rewarded – eventually!

It’s also unbelievable that our Mellow Moments have all been different over the 2 decades – apart from a. minimal amount of favourite repeats. The Universe keeps on providing them for us and this week is no exception. Listen to this beautiful chill out and try to hear that guidance within. Go with the flow this week and who know where it will lead….

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