Mike’s Mellow Moment – 01 April 2018

As many celebrate Easter and Passover, April fools pranks are being cracked everywhere, all under the shimmering light of yet another Blue Moon. It’s all going on!

Watch out for a great hoax by easyJet which has been released to the press under embargo – a unique way of travelling from one point of the UK to the other! Of course over the years we’ve had rib ticklers – the time Sir Patrick Moore asked everyone to jump into the air as an alignment of 2 planets would make everyone lighter. Many did and even said they felt they could float! A Swedish TV station told people with black and white TV sets that they could see colour if they stretched a pair of tights across the screen….and who remembers the time the a fight broke out behind Des Lynam on Grandstand? It was not only an April fool but also the genesis for a great sketch by French & Saunders in future years.

So be on your guard today for things that seem too good to be true, because we’re being deceived! Obviously for those who believe in Easter, their faith will reassure them of today’s events 2,000 years ago while those commemorating Passover still await an event that could be another 2,000 years in the future. One thing that can’t be denied is that Mother Nature is waking things up all around us as we move into April at last. Let’s just hope the forecast for snow is just another cruel April Fool and that the only chill we encounter this weekend is this…..

Background image created by Kotkoa – Freepik.com

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One thought on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 01 April 2018

  1. Thank you for Mike’s MM. Very Good information.
    I do remember the Des Lynham April Fools Day prank, it was extremely funny.

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