Mike’s Mellow Moment – 25 March 2018

Welcome to British Summer Time; although with a cold Easter forecast, maybe the title isn’t that appropriate quite yet.

As we head into Holy Week and the start of the Easter holidays, my second documentary is due to be broadcast on the World Service about the amount of weedkiller that people are finding in their bodies. It’s quite a worry, especially as the EU this week has approved a merger between 2 huge conglomerate agrochemical companies.

It sometimes seems impossible to stay healthy and away from harms way but we owe it to ourselves to know what’s going on and how to protect as many as possible.

Modern life is great in so many ways but it’s up to us to ensure that the worrying aspects are eradicated for the sake of those who come after us and all who share this beautiful planet with us while we’re on it.

So as ever let’s think positive thoughts, hold hands and raise the vibration of the world to ensure a brighter, cleaner and healthier future….as we listen to this sublime Mellow Moment….

Business image created by Jannoon028 – Freepik.com

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One thought on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – 25 March 2018

  1. It’s good to know your second documentary the amount of Weedkiller that people are finding in their bodies is being broadcast on the BBC World Service.
    Regarding the merger of the two Agrochemical Companies. Hopefully, the ‘Powers’ that be will keep close observations on future developments.
    Thanks for the Lovely tranquil music, and, as always- much

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