Mike’s Mellow Moment – 04 March 2018

Well we made it to Spring (meteorologically) on Thursday, but boy didn’t Winter have something spectacular to throw at us before it gave way to warmer climes?

This week I had the fortune to interview a splendid amateur weather forecaster who predicted the worst spell of snow in 27 years – way back in July! He predicts what’s coming by observing Mother Nature and he says she had produced bumper crops of berries in the Autumn so the birds were able to feast and get ready for the harsh spell; the coldest start to Spring in years.

I also called Crisis and Age Concern to find out how people could help those in need. Like Tony said earlier this week it’s really important we keep an eye out for those on the streets and those who are of advanced years who feel lonely, isolated and need food or heating. I was told that a great new app – Streetlink – lets you send an instant message to get help for vulnerable homeless people wherever you find them. You can also call 0300 500 0914.

Please keep me company if you can on Classic or Smooth Sunday afternoon or either Radio 2 from lunchtime one Friday or local radio that day from 7pm depending what happens!

In the meantime, as the thaw begins let’s whisk ourselves away to sunnier climes. In fact to the land of ex weather presenter Penny Gower. As she picks her olives and basks in the sunlight, remember it won’t be long until we too will be soaking up the vitamin D. Until then enjoy this beautiful chill out. Or warm up…..

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