Mike’s Mellow Moment – 04 February 2018

What a magnificent blue Supermoon we had this week. As Neil and Pete our intrepid astro physicists on the Mike Powell Listeners Group on Facebook tell us, such spectacles are extremely rare. Meanwhile other parts of the globe experienced a total eclipse and a blood moon to boot.

Nature never ceases to amaze if only we stop and watch. To get some idea why we stand in awe of such events, I think the words of Eckhart Tolle in his latest revelation: ‘A New Earth’ help:

“When you are still, you are who you were before you were temporarily assumed this physical and mental form called a person. You are also who you will be when the form dissolves.

When you are still, you are who you are beyond your temporal existence: consciousness – unconditioned, formless, eternal.”

No wonder such natural wonders resonate deep within us. For at our core we know that the stunning spectacles we encounter are just a glimpse of who we truly are and what we are to become.

Background image created by Kjpargeter – Freepik.com

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