Mike’s Mellow moment – 03 December 2017

So here we are in the meteorological season of Winter. The month when the Solstice heralds glimmers of brightness on the horizon. The season of Advent also starts this weekend. A time of eager anticipation pointing towards Christmas and for the pagans the celebration of the winter yule, a time of feasting, drinking and sacrifice. We’ll skip over the sacrifice bit if that’s alright with you?!

The weather this week couldn’t have been more appropriate as we slipped from late Autumn to early Winter. The glittering hanging angels on Regents Street in London were enhanced with a sudden snow flurry.

But despite the spectacular winter wonderland, curled up in almost every doorway was a homeless person begging or sleeping. It reminded me of an inspiring story this week on Thursday night’s news. Roger Johnson and his Look North team had chatted with the 2 long lost brothers who were strangely reunited when one of them stopped to speak to a down and out in the churchyard. He turned out to be the brother he last saw 25 years ago. How strange life is, that in these moments of synchronicity, miracles happen.

In the coming week let’s look out for the miracles in our life – the very fact we’re still here is a miracle in itself! – and where we can lets spread a bit of that wonderful mid winter happiness and specialness to the people we meet; especially those most in need.

Please join me if you can on Saturday morning from 0800 every hour on Radio 2 with Dermot O’Leary and Graham Norton (a relation of our very own Rebecca Norton-Gray?), on Classic and Smooth from 1300 on Sunday or back on local radio Mon-Fri 1900-0000. Until then enjoy this mesmerising chillout…preferably somewhere warm!

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One thought on “Mike’s Mellow moment – 03 December 2017

  1. Thanks Mike for taking the time to give us M.M.moments. Enjoyed
    them and the audio as always.
    Much appreciated x

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