Mike’s Mellow Moment – Sunday 17 August 2014

Every week there’s a sublime chillout track to help you through the week ahead…
Here we are, ready to hold hands after another roller coaster week….
We had the magnificence of the Super, or Perigee Moon and the annual Perseids meteor shower although most of them were obliterated by the splendour of the moonshine. There was the turbulent but beautiful force of nature with torrential downpours, strong winds and glorious summer sunshine.
Then we heard news of the passing of another genius – Robin Williams. Conspiracies already abound over that whole subject, but whatever the truth we’ve lost a tortured soul who brought many people worldwide happiness and joy. God rest him.
So onwards to another week full of possibilities and opportunities. If we stay in the present moment, try to be grateful for everything and think happy thoughts; the universe can only bring us that what we think about – so let’s make miracles and report back!
In the meantime let’s enjoy our Mellow Moment together, grateful that we’ve got each other and that out of all setbacks or tragedy, there’s still hope…

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4 thoughts on “Mike’s Mellow Moment – Sunday 17 August 2014

  1. Daunting beautiful music .

    Meanfull words…….I have many seeds ,they are around me each day.

    I feel at peace and know I will now sleep.

    Thank you.
    Barbie Smith

  2. Lovely words Mike and a lovely chill out . I can always come back in the week to listen again. 🙂

  3. Listened to this again as I enjoyed it so much last week. One of my favourites.

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