Making sense of it all

It’s great to have you visit – thankyou!

The aim of this corner of cyberspace is to champion consumer rights, explore alternative views about this planet and beyond – and provide a safe place for people to air their views and share tips, advice, thoughts, dreams, experiences and bargains.

I’m passionate about helping people get great deals and at the same time champion the underdog. There’ll be lots of views that are unconventional and “off the wall” but that reflects the radio show I did for 9 years on BBC Radio where many loved the subjects we covered that no one else dare touch. Are things really how they seem?

I hope you enjoy your time here and please join in if/when you can. Please let us know what you’d like to see added/deleted, etc.

My views here are most definitely NOT those of my employer and I don’t represent them here in any way, shape or form. Whatsoever! That should cover it….

Wherever you are, whoever you are and whenever you are; remember you’re a unique expression of a creative force – and a very important, essential piece of the universe. Without you, things just wouldn’t work. Make a difference!

Much love


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28 thoughts on “Making sense of it all

  1. Hi Mike,

    the new site looks fab! We all miss your radio show, but this is a fantastic alternative 🙂 I cannot wait to see how it grows. Well done on all the hard work it takes to get a site like this up and running, it really does look great!

  2. Many thanks Amanda – like the radio programme it’s you that makes the difference and sets the agenda!
    I hope everyone will make the most of it and join in frequently.
    Really appreciate your kind comments 🙂

  3. Well done Mike, this looks so exciting and is already bookmarked for numerous visits, wishing you every success in this venture.

  4. I will definitely join in frequently. My Sunday’s have never been quite as enjoyable since your dulcet tones left my radio. At least I can check in here now. Really like the look of the site.

  5. Thanks Elaine – and for your continued support in setting up the mike powell listeners group on facebook. It’s testament to your tenacity, dedication and genuine care that the group is still thriving some 6 years later 🙂

  6. Hi Mike,

    Great new site looking forward to the Weather, Bargains of the Week and all the other great things you have lined up.

  7. WOW what a fantastic website and a lot of hard work put into it by Mike and his team. 3 years 6 months ago ( Not that I am counting) we had your last programme on the radio, after all these years I still miss our Sunday afternoon get together. This website is the place to be all the things we discussed in one place. I will popping in every day to read the thought of the day and listen to MMM after a busy day at work. Wonderful website. 🙂

  8. What a very interesting website. Well done Mike and team for setting up this wonderful website. Good luck with it all. Keep the good work up

  9. Hi Mike love the website, just a suggestion that could be added to your fab website is people posting weather pictures.

  10. Glad you like the thoughts for the day Elaine – any suggestions for them are gratefully received!

    Thanks Sue, so pleased you like it. Please visit and join in often 🙂

    Great idea Dawn and brilliant that you like what we’ve done

  11. I love it Mike and will be popping in every day. I am so pleased you used some of my weather pictures which I have taken of you for some years. I knew they would come in useful one day and so pleased they are on your website. Thanks for using them. 🙂

  12. Hi Mike

    WOW!! Loving the site already! I have no doubt it will go from strength to strength with lots of visitors as there is something for everyone.

    Thank you for the site as it’s another way of keeping in contact with you.


    Sue xx

  13. Many thanks Sue – so pleased you visited and let’s hope it’s an oasis of tranquility where people can get the info they need on a wide rang of subjects – and people feel they can join in when/if they can x

  14. The website looks fabulous. Great job. As soon as I get home will book mark this site on my laptop. I have it booked marked here at work.

  15. Hi Mike loving your new website I pop in every day to have a look. How nice it is that you join in. A lot of famous people have their own website and don’t bother to make comments on them. Your website feels like family.

    1. Just been looking at your show reels Mike, had some laughs , with a lot of interest .

  16. 2 months old already. A fantastic website which I look at regularly and love your MMM and your accurate weather forecast, plus all the guests. Just like a Sunday afternoon, keep up the good work and hopefully one day you will be back on the radio where you belong on a Sunday afternoon.

  17. A sad time for you , your colleagues , and listeners group, and Gang ,Mike
    Your simply the BEST , Goodbye for now , and Hello when you can pop in , and to let us know how you are , and all the exciting things coming your way. Huggles Barbie xxxx

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