Do you have weedkiller in your body?

A highly popular weedkiller used by farmers and gardeners – Glyphosate – has had its licence extended by the EU for another five years. Meanwhile its manufacturers – the US giant Monsanto – is set to merge with another conglomerate, Germany’s Bayer in a deal worth $62.5 billion. It follows recent mega deals in the same sector between Dow and Dupont, and ChemChina and Syngenta. For some time campaigners have been fighting such deals, arguing that the deal is uncompetitive and its products are harmful to human health. Makers of Glyphosate say it’s safe and that alternatives could be more expensive and toxic. So who’s right? Just how safe are herbicides? 48 MEPs have recently had their urine tested and everyone of them had Glyphosate in their system. So I’ve been to get tested and to see if there’s anything to worry about…..

(Broadcast on BBC World Service, ‘World Business Report’ 05 April 2018)

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2 thoughts on “Do you have weedkiller in your body?

  1. Where will we be without Bees ? – Save the Bees.
    Do you have Weedkiller in your body ?.
    Excellent reports. It’s good to know they have been Broadcast
    On the BBC World Service, World Business Report programmes.
    Thanks Mike.

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